Prema Nature Organic Dhoop Sticks with Theertham (4 x 20 Pieces) |Sandal, Benzoin, Lavender and Cinnamon Dhoop Sticks for Pooja / Yoga / Aromatherapy - Made by Women & 100% Natural - Computer Sambrani / Doopam Sambrani / Samrani + 1 Special Sambrani Dhoop Holder - LIFESTYLE COMBO


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– Brand: PremaNature
– Item Form: Cylindrical incense dhoop/sambrani
– Material: Honey, camphor, ghee, cowdung, grains, tree resins, essential oils
– Scent: Benzoin, sandalwood, cinnamon and lavender
– Duration: 1 Hours
– Product Benefits: Enhances your day-to-day activities

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