Classic Chettinaad - Adai Mix + Idli Podi Combo Special

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Introducing the perfect South Indian breakfast combo: our Classic Chettinaad Adai Mix paired with our flavorful Idli Podi!

🌾 Classic Chettinaad Adai Mix: Dive into the authentic flavors of Chettinaad cuisine with our Adai Mix. Made from a blend of nutritious lentils, rice, and aromatic spices, this mix lets you whip up delicious and protein-packed Adais in no time.

🍽️ Idli Podi: Elevate your breakfast game with our Idli Podi. This aromatic and spicy powder is the ideal accompaniment for soft and fluffy idlis. It’s a blend of roasted lentils, spices, and a touch of sesame oil that adds an extra kick to your morning meal.

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