Seller Terms & Conditions

1. founded for Cottage/Micro/ Small Industry only. Since we are serving only those industries, you must posses the MSME registration and should upload the same during the registration process.         

1a. If you have done any changes on above said certificates those must be informed to and should be updated in your respective Sellers store.  

2. All the food production vendor must possesed FSSAI certification and should upload as picture into the product picture section reflecting your fssai number.   

3. As per the Indian govt. law every online sellers must be registered in GST and the business should comes under GST.  So We request our sellers to upload their respective active GST certificate during registration process.

4. We request our sellers to update their UPI ID of (eg:[email protected]) once you completed the registration.

Store Setup

5. All the sellers are advised to complete the store setup 100% to make sure without any interruption of your online presence. request to  complete this without fail once you register with us.

6. didn’t provide any Shipping options or fulfilment facility for any of our sellers. We request to update the clear shipping information for inside the Tamil Nadu and outside the Tamil Nadu. We have options to update Free Shipping, Flat Rate, Shipping by Weight.

7. We request to keep update the products description, short description more clearly and catchy to get impressed with consumers. Also Product pictures should be created by our guidelines, we have google slide template for preparing product picture. recommends to upload atleast 4 pictures for each of the product.

8.When you are not available to delivery your product means, you are supposed to close / disable your store temporarily. So that Customer will not be able to place any order. 

8A. Due to uncertainty or other unavoidable situation kindly disable your store. Suppose you did not close / disable your store and any order placed by Customer means you have to complete that order without hesitate and any delay not more than 4 Days.


9. membership plans created to make more convenient our sellers, This membership costs not even covers our 60% of operational costs, So Kindly always pay on-time the membership fees without any delay. 

9a. online marketplace rental will be paid on or before every month of 5th. If could not able to pay before 5th, five days grace period will be provided. In failure of payments leads to disable your store on 11th day til receive the payment.

Banner Display

10. Banner display in home page are included on your membership plans with the respective days mentioned in the plan. Additional days you can buy with our Marketing team. You can book the calendar as per your needs. The calendar will be shared with you once you become a vendor. According to that you can plan for your banner visibility days. *All the sellers are requested to provide the banners by themselves also requested to make the banner with guidelines. 

10a. If you want to continue your banner display for advertisement or brand / organization development purpose then it will be an additional cost which can be discussed and agreed mutually and pay separately.

Payment Settlement

11. Payment for your order will be transferred to your verified UPI ID from our Registered company account Atmosquare. This transaction will be done 15th and 30th or 31st of every month respectively. ( Order date will be considered from previous month of 25th to 10th of present month and 11th to 24th of present month)

11a. All the sellers are requested to keep posted about your orders. only marked as completed orders will eligible for payment. Please always post shipping the order track and update the status in your orders tab.

11b. Order completed it means, customer received your package and acknowledged the order.

11c. Failured sellers likely get the payment by next cycle.

11d. 3% of amount will be deducted by Payment gateway. The remaining payment will be credited to your account on respective payment cycles.

Customer complaints

12. Seller should be taken the responsibility for consumer complaints. Please make your refund/exchange and other policies in store settings.

Weekly Vendor Catchup

13. Weekly vendor catch up (Seller Meeting) must be attended on every Monday @ 11:00 AM. This will help to give on spot resolutions for seller queries. 

13a. will share Marketing strategies for the growth of seller neither WhatsApp Group nor Seller meeting are to be followed.